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Where we are committed to providing you with appropriate, professional advice on Lifetime Mortgages.

At Roebuck Lifetime we have two main aims

  • To provide all clients with an independent professional advice service around lifetime mortgages, within an ethical and transparent charging structure.
  • To help accountants, solicitors and advisory firms provide a Professional Lifetime Mortgage Advice service for their clients without having to set up their own practice.

We offer a free discovery meeting with no obligation, this enables us to find out more about you and to agree a course of action for moving forward.

Many people approach retirement owning their own home and often find themselves needing to access some of the value stored in its bricks and mortar. Downsizing is one option but, if you still need the space or a move seems too daunting, equity release may provide an alternative solution.

If you are 55 or older, Equity Release could turn some of your home’s value into cash, without the need to relocate. It is not for everyone and you will need appropriate financial advice before making that decision and that’s where we come in!

We ensure to offer the best equity release advice and lifetime mortgage advice at various locations including Hampton, Richmond, Sunbury, Teddington, Twickenham and Whitton.

We are one of the leading later life mortgage advice services in the UK. We not only offer guidance on the equity release schemes but our experts offer independent mortgage advice at a pocket-friendly fee. If you are looking for specialist advice on market leading schemes, then you are at the perfect place.

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